We are being conned by vested interests…

Last night I watched a movie on DVD entitled “The Great Global Warming Swindle“. You can find it at Blockbuster. It wasn’t a very long movie, only about an hour, but proved extremely convincing and was very powerful in its message.

That message is a simple one; What we are being told is causing global warming, ie; Carbon gasses, is completely untrue and what’s more it can be easily and immediately shown it is not true.

The parade of extremely reputable scientists who I saw interviewed one by one, people extremely well-respected and learned, people who had worked in the upper echelons of science, said the same thing over and over… The cause of global warming is the normal historical activity of the sun and nothing to do with CO2.

Explained very clearly, it was shown that when there are sun spots occurring, there is increased solar wind. This solar wind ‘blows away’ some extra of the normal cosmic rays which are coming to the earth all the time naturally and come from far away explosions. The cosmic rays have been proven to be the cause of cloud formation on earth (the atoms/particles in the rays form the nucleus of water droplets, attracting water vapour in the air and forming a core which creates the droplet) and more clouds have been proven to cause cooler weather on earth. Therefore, if extra solar activity in the form of more sun spots over a normal cycle reduces cloud formation through the deflection of cosmic rays, you will be guaranteed that the climate on earth will get hotter for the duration because there are less clouds. On the flip-side, during the Little Ice Age in Europe when it got colder, any painting from the time will show cloudy grey skies. Cloud formation increased and over an extended period temperatures plummeted. The Thames river froze-over regularly at this time. These variations in global temperature are a normal and regular event and not at all alarming.

The cycles of sun spot activity have been recorded and placed on graphs of ice cores which have been taken and the solar activity has been proven to exactly match with the climate rising and falling over time. The sun is the cause of climate change, not CO2.

In fact, CO2 has been shown to follow climate in levels by 800 years, it has been proved to be an effect of a previous weather cycle, not a cause. The rise in CO2 historically has an 800 year lag behind the temperature itself. Likewise, it has been proven that once the temperature drops, 800 years later the CO2 falls down also. Place the data graphs on top of each other and you see the lag clearly and neatly.

So we can ask ourselves why are scientists all saying that CO2 does cause global warming?

The film explained this also. When Margaret Thatcher was in power, she had a coal miners strike and huge problems with coal supply. She didn’t trust it as a reliable source. She commissioned research on nuclear power which she thought was more reliable and also wanted to see if there was a link between climate and fossil fuels. She put money on the table for climate research. Also, George Bush Senior also threw money at the climate science research. While there was money from politics for their own agendas, it suddenly became advantageous for scientists to work in this field. They were guaranteed income and funding.

Also, about this time, left-wing activists were looking for something to do when the Berlin Wall fell and communism fell. They saw the environment as something they could relate to and also still wanted to fight against capitalism, thought fighting for socialism no longer had the glow it once had seeing the wall had fallen. They then saw the fight against fossil fuels and industry as a convenient way to keep fighting. When the science was screaming it was fossil fuels which were causing global warming, they joined in. Now we have a whole bunch of people who have a vested personal interest in keeping the myth of CO2 causing global warming alive. They WANT it to be true.

Global warming is natural and happens all the time. The ice melting on the polar caps is a regular event, like leaves falling each Autumn. We had a mini-ice age recently which was caused by less solar activity, they have proved it. Now, we are having warming caused by more solar activity, they have proved that. Don ‘t listen to all the bunk they are trying to force down your throats. Global warming is both normal and is caused by the sun and there is nothing you can do about it!

By all means, use less in your life… Use more eco-friendly products and eat less than you currently do. Use less plastics which don’t break-down and pollute the environment, in fact DO care for the environment in any way you can… It is there for you and your children and for all living beings here. Over-consumption is bad for the environment, no-one can really argue against that. The resources are finite and our pollution ugly. But please, don’t think that global warming is the issue. Don’t buy into the supposed ‘proven science’ that CO2 emissions are causing it. They are not.

Rent the movie and make up your own mind. Eminent scientists will tell you in very clear and easy to understand language what is causing global warming and how it is happening and what it means. I don’t believe you will ever see or hear clear evidence from the other side like this. Just a lot of alarmist talk about “everyone has proven it and we must act now!”

We are being conned big time. For vested interests… Scientists who want the funding, environmentalists who find this argument fits well with their desire to have humans roll-back civilisation, and for politicians who want to look like they are doing something constructive while they’re in power.

“The Great Global Warming Swindle”

Go and see it now. Do yourself a favour.

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